Asking for help once again

By Computergeek564
Aug 18, 2009
  1. LookingAround knows that I recently fixed an issue with Networked Drives.

    So, I have a music come file server downstairs without a Screen, Mouse or keyboard. Everything is done either via my Laptop, or iPod Touch using the application VNC Server/Viewer.

    Now, VNC has decided to pack up on me. So I cannot shut down the machine that way. And I have configured the button on the computer to Hibernate.

    I have had a troll around the internet to see if there is other ways that I can go about this. & I can.

    I can use the Shutdown.exe -i shortcut I have created on my desktop of the Laptop.
    I also downloaded this

    Two resources I used to help me here, were these:

    On the second link it says:
    Now, on the host machine (music/file server) I disabled the logon screen. Via control userpasswords2

    I removed this so I can just turn on the PC without having to insert a user name or password every time I decided to turn on the computer.

    So, would anyone mind helping me, configure the machine so I can shut it down remotely?
  2. Kryptik

    Kryptik TS Rookie

    Firstly, in order to remotely shutdown a computer on your network, you’ll need to make sure you have Administrative access to that computer. If you’re on a home network, the best way to do this is to make sure all computers are in the same workgroup and that they all have at least one Administrator account with the same user name and password. With out this u can't do jack, so i would " re set it up" or if u have a media edition computer with a irblaser and receiver u can use a infared remote, now i have done some that have a r/f remote, but are subject to c/b brodcasts or ham radio if somone is keying the mike with a linniar 1000 amp it could cause some issues. there is some good vpn controle software out there (Andover Controles has automation software). u can also install a bkdoor program like ....... the "cow" program where u have full acsess to the computer screen and it's functions..... the cow progam is fun on windows 98-early xp.... if u have any trouble msg me and i'll see what i can come up with.
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