Assistance choosing the best monitor to hookup to XPS 15


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Hello! I've just registered to ask this question because I've been struggling to make a decision. Basically, I have an XPS 15 9560 and I want to buy an external monitor to get a bigger screen and therefore better work station. I've already done my research and according to my budget I've rendered it down to the following options. I live in Chile therefore my options are limited so these four are the only ones I'm willing to buy. I'll put the price conversion next to each monitor:
  1. SA240Y - 130 USD
  2. LG 24MK430H - 137 USD
  3. HP 24fw - 176 USD
  4. Dell SE2419HR - 187 USD

I was looking for certain aspects which they all have, for example: IPS Panel, 75hz refresh rate, 4-5ms resposne time and FreeSync. Apart from that, I don't really know how to set apart these models in order to make the best decision. I woud really appreciate another set of eyes to help me decide. Thank you!


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The Dell has the best response times, refresh rates and dynamic contrast values; the LG is the brightest; the Acer has the most input sockets. The LG consumes a little more power than the HP and Dell (possibly due to the higher brightness); the HP's stand is a little adjustable than the LG and Dell. The differences, though, are pretty small, and the screen specifications are so similar that it's possible some of them share the same panel manufacturer.

But to narrow things down, start with the refresh rate. The Acer only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, compared to the other three's 75/76 Hz, so that would drop it from the list for me.

$50 isn't a small amount of money (difference between the LG and the Dell), and given that there isn't a huge difference between the remaining three choices, it becomes a significant factor for me. So that's the Dell off the list, and given that the HP is still $40 more than the LG, that has to go too.

Which leaves us with the LG :)