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Asus A7N8X Deluxe - no post, no boot, nada

By jpattoncook
Nov 5, 2005
  1. A7N8X-X Deluxe AMD 2500+
    512 M ram
    Adaptec 39320A-R bios 4.25
    2x37 G IBM
    2x18 G Fujitsu
    M$-XP SP-2
    Award Bios 1008

    Life has been good for about a year.

    Got a virus, couldn't shake it. Reinstalled XP on a drive that I thought was empty becaus XP install indicated it was 'available'. It was originally formatted by Partition Magic not XP. Lost 6 months work. Purchased a 250g SATA to store recovery of data. Screwing around trying to get XP re-installed on one of the SCSI drives and getting SATA running. In this freaking process, the entire system became flakey, i.e., system hangs on "verifying DMI...". So, I play the plug and unplug game for 3 days. Installing drivers, updated the Bios to 1011 thinking maybe SATA had something to do with it.
    Over some time, the scsi's refused to boot. The SCSI bios sees them correctly. Reduced to one scsi drive, known to be bootable. Sata will run ok. Unplug the scsi cable and now the DMI will verify and boot floppies! Removed the scsi controller and then I could boot floppies. Put the controller back in and now the system hangs on "DMI verification".

    I reset the BIOS with the jumper/battery trick. System begins to boot and I can enter the BIOS and change the boot sequence and it saves it. Reboot- and the known to be good floppies won't boot, "not a system disk". Removed the SCSI card made sure sata was jumpered off. Turn on the power and the fans go on, but the system will not post. The CD and floppy seek but no post. No Bios messages.

    Re-flash the bios with 1011 and set the FSB Spread Spectrum to disabled. (No particular reason). No joy.

    Now I have a CMOS checksum error. - Defaults loaded.

    Go in to see that they are the defaults, yes they are. Save and go. Starts to reboot then the screen is blank. Nothing. Wait while I write this and turn it back on, the CD and floppy seek, but blank screen. Nothing.

    Can computers have cancer? In hind site it's just been a bad ride since I began installing XP over the top of a previous install via slipstream.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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