Asus A8V won't boot with power button! Please help!

By K@in
Nov 10, 2006
  1. My system specs are : a64 venice @ 2.53ghz(230x11) 1.475v, muskin redline 2x1gig @ 460mhz 3-3-2-8/2T, a 6800u, and an antec 480w true power psu. this problem has just arisen yesterday - i pushed the power button, all the fans turned on, and the mobo beeped(not the POST beep, but the turning-on-the-power beep), and that was it. nothing else. when i pressed teh reset button, everything booted perfectly. Asus C.P.R. went into affect and reset the bios, and this only happens when the system won't post from ocing it to high, but it has been at 2.5 for the last month or so, and has been rock solid! Cpu temps never go past 42c. i think that this might be a problem with the video card not booting up. My old system an axp 3200+ on an asus nforce2 ultra 400 and an fx5700 has the same problem, but less common. What can this be? cpu voltage being set to low? maybe setting it to 1.5 wil help? the vdimm was set to 2.7v yesterday, but it just crashed out of the blue, so i set it to 2.6 and everything was fine. windows debugger said that it crashed on ntfs.sys, but that doesn't really mean anything. what can this be? please help.

    edit: it passed 3hrs prime95 and 2 passes of memtest86, so i don't think this is cpu or memory.
  2. riekmaharg2

    riekmaharg2 TS Rookie Posts: 137

    Try another PSU maybe yours is faulty. You said after you pressed the reset button it worked, this could be because the first time you power on computer the PSU isn't Stabilising the voltages quick enough but when you restart it has had time to Stabilise the voltages.
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