Asus m51ta wont do anything

By ace00902
Jan 13, 2011
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  1. ok i just got this asus for $100 because it wont do anything, when you plug it in the charge light comes on, and when you turn it on you can hear the hardrive start and the on light go on, then nothing, the screen dosnt even flicker when you turn it on no sound is made from the speakers. the cd drive will open, i have tryed putting in ram from another laptop that i use daily, the ram didnt make a difference, i also put the ram from the broken laptop into the working laptop and it would start up but restart so i dont thing that it could handle it. i did the same with the hardrive and no change the hardrive also worked in the other laptop it just was missing alot of drivers. i also pluged it into a external moniter and nothing.

    thats all i can think to add any info will be helpful i have been thinking that it is the motherboard but i want to make sure. also i was wondering if some one could help me find a motherboard that would fit in it if that is the problem.

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