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Asus Motherboard DOA? Help please.

By shadowff6 ยท 9 replies
Mar 29, 2007
  1. I recently bought an Asus A8V-VM SE Motherboard. It arrived today. I quickly installed it into my case, inserted the new AMD Athlon 64 3800+ X2 (dual core) processor, and heat sink.

    I connected the cases wires for power button, reset button, HD LED, PWR LED and Speaker to the motherboard. I wanted to do a quick test. (the reason I got the new motherboard was because my old one died...or at least I'm hoping it did).....

    I plugged in the power cable to the PSU. The green light of happiness turned on on my mobo. So far so good. I hit the Power button on my Case....and nothing happens....nothing at all...I've double checked to make sure the wiring is correct. it is. I've swapped reset button with power button, just in case. Still didn't work....I even wondered if the motherboard was too clever...So I installed everything else into the motherboard, RAM, GPU, all other cables. etc.

    Still Nothing.

    Also got out my old PSU (still workng)...and tried that. The green light on the motherboard came on. but still nothing worked through use of the power button.

    Should I presume this motherboard is DOA? or is there anything else someone might want to suggest that could help. I've tried to be as detailed as possible. And any suggestions are welcome. Thank You in advance.
  2. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    What size is your power supply? You may just need a 450-500 watt power supply.
  3. shadowff6

    shadowff6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The one I'm currently using is a 500W PSU. my old one is 350W. Bare in mind, they wouldn't power anything up even with nothing else attatched. Plus also the light on the motherboard is fine. It's almost as if the Front Panel Connections aren't working at all.

    I suppose if my 500W PSU is buggered...and my old 350W PSU is too weak that could be something...but that's quite unlikely I would imagine.
  4. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    Check your ram and make sure that it is sited properly. Do you get any beeps from the board when you power it on?
  5. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    You may need to RMA the board, contact the vendor where you purchased the board and see if they will provide a replacement. I would only contact Asus if you cannot RMA through the vendor.
  6. shadowff6

    shadowff6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I don't have any way of checking my ram I'm afraid. I don't see how it'd be the ram anyways...it's not evening turning on at all. No Beeping, No fan movement, nothing...the only sign of power is the little green light that's on on the motherboard.
  7. shadowff6

    shadowff6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    do we think that the motherboard is now DOA then? confirmation? oh...and I just realised...I first tried the motherboard with on the Processor and heatsink atttatched, so, no ram. and it didn't work then either.
  8. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    Just take the sticks of ram out of the motherboard and put them back one at a time and see if your system will boot with one stick of ram. Then do the same with the other stick. If that does not work then I would request a replacement.

    If the system boots then you will know which stick of ram is at fault.
  9. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    I have to run now but let me know what you find out. You can have your ram checked if you have a friend that uses the same type of ram as yours. Mem86
  10. shadowff6

    shadowff6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nope, the ram things still not helping. I'm taking my pc, with the motherboard round to a friends tonight for him to have look. he seems to think that if the green light on the mobo is turning on, it's not DOA..but I kinda still think it is. it could be my cases wiring for all I know...only just thought of that..
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