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Asus N56VZ keeps turning off

By Graliz
Oct 5, 2014
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  1. Hello. So I know there are lots of posts about laptop turning off, yes I read them, and could not find a solution. I did some tests and etc..
    So my story is: After like half a year of using my new laptop, It started to shutting down without any warnings at some games (like 50% of any games I tried). But the strangest fact is that it does not depend on how advanced game is.. Some games manage to make my laptop hot as hell and it does not turn off at all. And some small games these don't need many resources, turn my laptop off. Like after 5 min. of gaming... N56VZ is kinda high in resources. 8Gb ram, GT650M video card, i7 processor... Small games should not do a lot of impact on it.. Also on browsing or doing something else does not turn off my laptop, only games.
    I tried running without battery, only with battery - result is the same..
    I did some stress tests, laptop did not turn off, and results of prime95 you can see in uploaded photos. I ran them like 1 hour each.. http://speedy.sh/yPJSZ/Smal-FFT.bmp and http://www.speedyshare.com/B62C5/Blend.bmp
    I also did ZHPDiag test. http://www.speedyshare.com/WHB5P/ZHPDiag.txt
    I tried to disable sound driver. Laptop still shut off, but after 30 min. With drivers on, it shuts off in 5 min. Tried to uninstall and download drivers again from asus support page, tried older ones and newer ones, that did not help..
    I also tried installing different windows 7 os, and that did not help me.
    What could I do? Im annoyed, I would send my laptop to technical support but I can't do that now. Can anyone check the files I uploaded and help me. Please.
  2. Graliz

    Graliz TS Member Topic Starter

    Ok. I tried disabling graphics drivers. It seems that it worked fine. So I uninstalled them and after restart laptop installed by itself new drivers, so far so good. But not sure about updates, I guess I will skip graphics driver updates for some time...
    Laptops' temperature got down too..

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