Asus PC Probe strangeness

By The Best Alias
Nov 28, 2004
  1. So starting last night, PC Probe started poping up and my power supply fan RPMs were all over the place, going from 2000ish to 4000ish every 5 or 10 seconds with the occassional negative 250,000 rpm. :giddy: I didn't really think much of it because I was running my machine REALLY hard for most of the day so I figured it was just a glitch. So naturally I did a hand test on the fan and it was not reving up and down and it certainly never spun backwards. So I just shut down PC Probe and went about my recording.

    Well today I was just surfin the web and it happened again. Same dealio so I checked it out again and it was fine, not reving up and down. Kinda just to make me feel better, I decided to increase the speed of my case fans thinking that might buy me the added time I might need in the event the PS fan did die. This is a realtively new Enermax 450W PS. So anyway... once I crossed the threshold of about 4000 RPM with the case fan, the readings for the PS fan totally leveled off. I slowed the case fans back down and the bogus readings came back. Perhaps I've found a little glitch here. Anyway, my case fans are going to stay at 4KRPM.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Just in case, reseat all your fan-connectors.
    Check in your BIOS as well for the temperatures, but do it quickly, CPU's cool down fast.
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