Asus rebrands 'Republic of Gamers' Radeon graphics cards to AREZ

Greg S

TS Evangelist

In what is likely a response to Nvidia's GeForce Partner Program, Asus has officially rebranded its ROG lineup of AMD graphics cards to AREZ. The change allows for ROG to be exclusive to GeForce products while AREZ will be specific to AMD products. The new branding does not affect any hardware specifications and also does not greatly affect product naming conventions.

Any Radeon graphics card that previously carried the ROG Strix name will be marketed as AREZ Strix. Asus Dual will transition to AREZ Dual, and Asus Expedition series will now be called AREZ Expedition. Consumers familiar with previous product names should have no trouble finding and locating GPUs with different names.

The AREZ name is extremely similar to the Ares series that Asus launched back in 2010 with the Radeon HD 5870 followed by an extreme option dubbed the Radeon HD 5970 that carried two 5870 GPUs on a single PCB. By itself, AREZ does not actually stand for anything. Although, Ares was named after the Greek God of War.

Asus has already updated its website to reflect the branding changes. All Radeon graphics cards from the R5 230 targeting HTPC builds on up to the RX 580 and RX Vega series can be viewed with the updated branding.

Graphics cards carrying the new AREZ brand will be available beginning in May 2018.

The full list of rebranded graphics cards is presented below:

  • AREZ-R5230-SL-1G-L
  • AREZ-R5230-SL-2G-L
  • AREZ-R7240-2GD5-L
  • AREZ-R7240-2G-L
  • AREZ-R7240-O4GD5-L
  • AREZ-R7240-O4G-L
  • AREZ-DUAL-RX580-4G
  • AREZ-DUAL-RX580-8G
  • AREZ-EAH6450-SL-1G-L
  • AREZ-PH-RX550-2G
  • AREZ-PH-RX550-4G-M7
  • AREZ-EX-RX570-4G
  • AREZ-EX-RX570-8G
  • AREZ-EX-RX570-O4G
  • AREZ-EX-RX570-O8G

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Is there a TLDR video of the GPP for Nvidia? Would love some more info around it.

Charles Olson

TS Booster
So Asus is the first company to bend over and take it up the *** from Nvidia and since they are most likely the biggest I guess the rest will have to follow suit ! After they spent all the money on branding Ares and RoG they just cave in but I guess they have not many options !


TS Evangelist
Looks and sounds like a knock-off brand, exactly as Nvidia intended after they took ASUS's ROG branding for themselves. Nvidia gets all the good well established gaming brands and AMD gets the knock-offs. We already know MSI signed on as well so I expect another cheap sounding brand from them soon enough.
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TS Evangelist
This blows, my whole Rig is ROG branded. So are they rebranding ROG motherboards etc to AREZ?

I don't get the point, nVidia doesn't make motherboards.


TS Evangelist
This blows, my whole Rig is ROG branded. So are they rebranding ROG motherboards etc to AREZ?

I don't get the point, nVidia doesn't make motherboards.
If you want a full ROG rig, you have to use Nvidia graphics cards. No other system components will change.

Charles Olson

TS Booster
Wonder what the next step will be for Nvidia .... telling these companies who they can send products out too in order to punish those that spoke out or mentioned the GPP ? Review sites and youtubers are most likely a little worried right now .... never know some of them may never get another product from Nvidia just because they mentioned the GPP !