Asus T100 cleaned SSD, won't boot from flash drive


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I have an Asus T100 that I cleaned the SSD using diskpart and restarted before I created a primary partition. Now I can't boot from any flash drive including Windows To Go. It's always booting to bios setup. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.


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Shift F-10 when you install WINDOWS and you call diskpart.
select disk 0
clean disk
(You did more than format the disk, if you did that. Now you have to
re install WINDOWS), format the disk and re install loosing everything you have. Get your recovery disk or Backupper program to re install your system image.
A raw hard disk is needs diskpart, or if you have a hard to install hard drive, you can try diskpart. It is like A powerful command that only the experienced should have used. Get your
installation keys for all the programs you have, and re install, and get your files you backed up.

diskpart>list disk
diskpart>select disk 0
diskpart>list partition
diskpart>create partition primary
diskpart>select partition 1
diskpart>format fs=NTFS quick

Sorry to see your having problems. Maybe the disk is good and you only need to re install and format the disk and then re install your Operating System.


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A google search comes up with more info for your edification.
I tried to upload it, but just do a google search. (Resetting USB drive
using Windows Diskpart V1.pdf)
I see your very studious about doing these complicated command line, commands.,


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I discovered the problem....
It wasn't booting from the flash drive because it uses 32bit bootloader and I was using x64 bootloader. I downloaded Win 8.1 x32 from Microsoft and was able to boot, format the ssd and install Windows.

Thanks for your assistance.