Asus' upcoming ultra-thin Zephyrus S gaming laptop packs quite a punch


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According to PCMag, Asus is following that trend with the latest version of its popular Zephyrus S gaming notebook. Not only will the new 15.6" Zephyrus S boast Asus' slimmest laptop design to date, but it will pack some pretty powerful hardware to boot.

The basic configuration of the device -- dubbed the GX531GM -- will house a GeForce GTX 1060, a 1TB HDD, a 144Hz 1080p display, 16GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7-8750H processor.

Another version of the device, the GX531GS, will be sold exclusively on Amazon with slightly faster hardware. The base model's GTX 1060 will be upgraded to a MaxQ GeForce GTX 1070, and the 1TB hard drive will be replaced with a speedy 512GB SSD.

Naturally, neither laptop configuration will come cheap. The Amazon-exclusive Zephyrus S will retail for around $2,199, while the base model will reportedly cost $2,099.

Other than its thin design, the Zephyrus S has a few other standout features worth mentioning. First, the device has a large "cooling panel" nestled between the screen and the keyboard, which appears to act as a heatsink.

Second, the Zephyrus S' trackpad is in a different position than you might expect. Instead of being placed front and center, the pad has been shifted over to the right side of the keyboard.

This is a smart decision on Asus' part, as most gamers are likely using a dedicated mouse. Furthermore, this new trackpad placement should make it easier for hardcore users to access the parts of the keyboard that matter most, such as the WASD or number keys.

You'll be able to get your hands on Asus' latest laptops soon. The Amazon-exclusive Zephyrus S will ship out on August 31, while the cheaper version will hit the market sometime in October.

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Looks great. Although there is no 1080 max q on it. Next year, I think there will be Max Q generation 1 versions out there that will be half the price of this newest Generation 3. The old Zephyrus GX501, 1080 max q will still be faster than my full 1070 Alienware 17 R4 but half the weight. I think I'll wait a year for the generation 1 to come down in price.

Paying $2,200 american converted to Canadian is $2,926 + 13% HST tax = $3,370 CAD. That's too much! I bet I'll be able to get a used Zephyrus GX501, 1080 max q for only $1,700. Add about $100 to have it thermally repasted and dusted/cleaned profesionally would make it a much better deal. (it's around $80 + tax to get it repasted and cleaned at Canadacomputers).

I could practically buy two of them for the price of the newest one!

Just like cell phones, I never buy the newest. I buy one or two generations behind to get a deal.
I also try to buy used off Kijiji. There are some amazing deals on there. I've gotten brand new laptops and video cards for half the price of retail. Brand new!

Amazing design. Linustechtips says it doesn't thermal throttle at all in games or tests. Looks great next to the Gigabyte Aero 15X, MSI GS65 Stealth, ew Razer Blade 15, and the Acer Predator Triton 700.
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