AT&T to support iPhone tethering in July?

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Matthew DeCarlo

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Update: AT&T called the recent $55 tethering service rumors false on its Facebook page. No other details were given, except that more information would be provided at a later date.

Citing an anonymous source from within AT&T, Appmodo reported yesterday that both MMS and tethering would be coming for the iPhone in July. This comes as a contradiction to previous beliefs of a late summer release. The source also brought word regarding AT&T’s pricing. They say the carrier’s tethering option will run $55 per month, as opposed to the rumored $70.

While the claims are exciting for anyone waiting on official support, they’re presently unconfirmed. Rest assured, AT&T will support the options – it’s only a matter of time, and how much you’re willing to pay. Mark Siegel, a spokesman for the company, confirmed the features a little over a week ago. His interview left quite a few things unanswered, though.

Siegel provided no word on whether MMS and tethering would be available on iPhone models prior to the latest 3G S. However, Apple is packaging support for the features with a software upgrade, and AT&T is planning to offer a plan for the iPhone 3G S. It seems logical that the carrier will provide the service for all iPhones with the upgraded software. There is still no official release date or pricing.

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Tethering usually costs about $70 with AT&T for any device, so if they charge $55/mo, I'd be really surprised. On the other hand, it is somewhat in line with their cheaper iPhone data plan: A regular PDA phone is about $40/mo, where the original iPhone was 'only' $20/mo -- $30 for the 3G and 3GS.

Personally, I think data costs WAY too much, even at $20/mo ("smart phone" data plan rate).. especially with a 5GB or less limitation.


So I'm paying for data for my I'm paying for data which the iPhone could download ANYWAY. Data = Data and if you pay for one, you should get the other. Also their ridiculous belief that txt messaging isn't data and voice isn't data is outmoded. It's time to make plans that make SENSE!
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