AT&T's new sponsored data program lets content providers pay for your wireless data usage

Shawn Knight

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AT&T is rolling out a sponsored data plan in which the charges for mobile data consumption will become the responsibility of content providers and website owners instead of wireless customers. The service is similar to a 1-800 number or free...

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Just seems to be as noted, trying to skirt data caps. Except instead of customers paying for the bandwidth, it's now on those who are offering the services. So they can lock hard caps on people regardless but still, skirt the general issue by saying x companies don't count towards your cap.

What if things don't go their way? Will they suddenly decide to prioritize that data lower, as a way of playing 'screw both sides we win all the time'? Netflix could just try playing hardball and refuse entirely, or lowball the amount so AT&T could play the 'screw you' card and nobody benefits. They want to keep data caps, as an excuse to sell more expensive plans.