athlon vs 64 - is there a significant difference?

By vega
Jul 24, 2005
  1. Hi people, I'm currently looking to put together a new gaming computer but am currently trying to decide whether it makes better sense to go for an amd 64 3200 cpu or a standard athlon 3200 - is there any real difference in performance between the two?
  2. Didou

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    An AthlonXP is hard to come by in the first place & yes, an Athlon64 3200+ even though it has the same P-rating will be much faster with games. You also get SSE2/SSE3*, AMD64, cool'n'quiet & an easier to use heatsink-fan system.

    If you get a Socket-939 motherboard you'll get the choice of AGP or PCI-e (or even both with a ULi M1695 based motherboard) & chances are it's already compatible with dual-core Athlon64s which will be available in mass (& a lower price) in 2006.

    * : SSE3 is on the newer "Venice/San Diego" core only.
  3. vega

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    Short, sweet and straight to the point, thanks for the info didou :bounce:
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