ati 9250 pci card

By tech
Jan 1, 2006
  1. I just put an ati 9250 pci card in a e-mac T2893
    down loaded the latest drivers card functions well
    BUT i have lost the start menu and ask bar.
    ctrl / esc does not work, neither doeas the widows key
    checked in task manager and explorer exex is loaded

    does anybody have any ideas?
    i have resourced 4 hours into this and that is the only item that does not function

  2. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    tried this?

    Have you tried holding your pointer against the bottm of the screen? If the task bar appears while doing this, right-click an empty spot, click properties, and check-mark the "taskbar always on top" function. If this does not show the bar, than I don't know. Also, what keyboard are you using? You might try to uninstall/reinstall the keyboard drivers. Maybe someone else can jump in and help? :monkey:
  3. tech

    tech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That wont wprk

    i have shrunk the screen tried to get properties for task bar
    but only display properties come com up
    that was a good thought thaks
  4. Busch

    Busch TS Rookie

    9250 and the task bar

    I am here because I was searching for an answer to the same problem.
    After installing the 9250 into a PC, the task bar is not there. Cntrl Esc does not make it visible. If I connect the video cable to the on-board video, I can see the task bar but nothing else, not even the mouse.
    It is like as if the task bar information is being sent to the on board video, and the rest of the information is being sent to the ATI video card.

    I could go through the whole uninstall and re-install process, but would like to avoid that if there is an answer.
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