ATi and/or nVIDIA driver issues

By beef_jerky4104
Mar 17, 2007
  1. If you have an ATi or nVIDIA video card and are having driver issues the first thing you should do is install the latest drivers. Which can be found at or

    If that doesn't work then you should try using third party drivers. These can be found at These should be fairly good drivers because they are ussually set up for gaming.

    If that doesn't help then make sure that if your video card has a power plug to plug it in. Test different plugs just incase one of them is dead. I'm positive that with the latest nVIDIA drivers, your card will still post. You PC will warn you that your card needs more juice.

    If you've gotten this far then you should probably call up the manufacture of the video card. Perhaps you recieved a deffective model? You may have to RMA (return for replacement) your video card. You may have to pay shipping but in the end you'll recieve a working card, hopefully.
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