ati mmc 8.1

By Skatastic
Apr 20, 2003
  1. I have ati's aiw 8500dv and i'm using multimedia center 8.1 b/c it has the transparent desktop feature. When I try to use the scheduler it freezes in the middle. What I'm doing is:
    clicking "create new" on under the schedule tab in setup
    the welcome screen then comes up and i click next
    the next screen is to select what you want to schedule
    i then select personal video recorder and click next
    from there it brings the window up for how often to run (ie. daily weekdays, weekly, etc) from there is it will go to the next step which is to choose the time and this is where it freezes. the only options are to go next back or cancel. It will go back but it won't cancel or go next. Once I get to that step, even if i go back it won't allow me to cancel and the only way to close tv from that point is to force close with task manager. When i do close the audio remains on even though the video is gone. If anyone has had this problem, any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    It seems like something got messed up during the install. I would try to repair it, or even remove and reinstall it.

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