ATI & Nvidia-based graphics cards will have FSAA bug in HL2

By acidosmosis
Jul 20, 2003

  1. Well, this really bites the big one. xbit is reporting that Valve developers have identified a bug in current DX9 hardware when using FSAA algorithms. It appears that there is a workaround for ATI hardware, but is almost impossible to fix for NVIDIA based graphics cards.
    Valve continued that this is a problem for any application that packs small textures into larger textures. The small textures will bleed into each other if you have multi-sample FSAA enabled.

    Currently both leading graphics chips designers use multi-sampling or hybrid multi-sampling + super-sampling methods to for FSAA.

    The developers of the legendary Half-Life game said that drivers are not likely to solve the problem, however, it still can be solved for graphics cards based on VPUs from ATI Technologies, such as RADEON 9500-, 9600-, 9700- and 9800-series. As for NVIDIA GeForce and GeForce FX-series, there are practically no chances to find a workaround, according to Valve.

  2. JSR

    JSR Banned Posts: 592

    like. i run aa in fps, anyway

    not.................give me something to shoot :grinthumb
  3. Dantrag

    Dantrag TS Enthusiast Posts: 135

    i've heard that the 9800pro doesnt perform that wel so if thats true you wont be using aa...
    JSR why dont you run aa in fps its mutch better, if you have the hardware :D
  4. JSR

    JSR Banned Posts: 592

    why slow myself down

    it's not like i'm there to look at the scenery;)
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