ati2dvag infinate loop

By s17nj
Nov 26, 2006
  1. Hi guys,
    This is my first post, this problem is doing my head in!!!!!!
    I know that this has been posted before but its slightly diff.....
    My friend has a sony s28gp laptop from HK about 2 years ago.
    He is now getting this infinate bsod loop.
    He put in the sony vaio recovery cd, and therefore rebuilt the laptop completely, i have seen that this is due to a graphics driver problem or to change the pci to pci bridge, but i cannot get into safe mode because windows hasnt finished installing.............(it needed to reboot to finish, but got the bsod). i have set the bios to all defaults... i am now thinking hardware????? if so i dont know where the graphics card would be, i have opened the machine but havnt got a clue!!!!!
    any ideas will be very very much appreciated!
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