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Jan 25, 2007
  1. I have a song that I hate its intro song but I like the song a lot, how can I edit the mp3 so I can delete the intro to the song?
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    Creative Cards

    If you have a SB card it includes Wave Studio.If not perhaps your sound card
    Has a similar extra you havn't noticed.
  5. Jesse_hz

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    No! If he uses Audacity or any normal wave-editor, he will have to recompress the MP3.

    With mp3DirectCut he can cut out parts of the compressed MP3 without having to recompress it.
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    Any Mp3/ audio editing software like FlexiMusic Wave Editor will be of use. using "trim" command, trim the intro of the song or the portion out of selection. This command is used to keep a section of selected Mp3 file and discard the unselected portion.
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    Beside all those program i also recommend WavePad (of course the FREE version).
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    Do FlexiMusic Wave Editor and WavePad allow lossless MP3 cutting?
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