Audio problems with dvd drive

By skozy
Feb 22, 2006
  1. hey guys my 1st post so go easy lol. Right since yesterday my dvd rom drive has started playing up.Whilst trying to watch dvd's the pictures fine but the audio is all echo ing and u can hear interfence on it. Also whilst gaming online it tried to read something from the disc then mega laggg and the drive opened causing me to disconnect from said game. Have tried a lens cleaner but no good any idea's ??

    p.s it plays audio cd's,mp3 cd's and dvd mp3's fine. Im leaning towards maybe the drive is on its way out but lets hope not. :(
  2. pracheck

    pracheck TS Rookie

    Hi. Whats the program are you using when playing your DVDs? pls mention also what contents you had on the CD you wanted to read that caused the drive to eject and you losing your connection.
  3. skozy

    skozy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    used wmp and real player also it was tiberian sun cd that i was playing when the drive ejected it.
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