Audio Suddenly Disappeared

By Shpo
Dec 21, 2008
  1. My computer has so many problems with audio, but none as major as it is now. I don't know much about how hardware works but I have Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced MB. Everything worked fine when I first got the computer but everything just went downhill.

    1. After a while 4 of my 6 speakers (excluding my sub woofer which still works) decided to stop working on me.

    2. A while later my max volume decided to decrease so I have to have everything at on high to hear well.

    3. Yesterday I got on to notice that the speakers were now putting out barely any sound at all. I tested it with headphones and that too was putting out barely any volume.

    4. I restarted my computer to see if it would fix it but now it just doesn't work at all, the speakers or headphones. If i turn the volume up full I can hear the 2 speakers that work producing static but not any sound/music.

    Everything is just really screwed up and I'm getting pissed at my computer. I tried installing an updated driver from the Sound Blaster website but it said i didn't have the correct hardware installed for it to work, even though I made sure to download the one for Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced MB. I am in need of serious help.
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    Is there some kind of audio software (equalizer, mixer, bass manager etc...) that came bundled with the motherboard? If so, try using that to restore sound, there may be a conflict between the software and the driver or the OS volume controls. Of course, the sure-fire way to fix this problem is to buy yourself a nice dedicated Sound Blaster adapter and disable the onboard sound altogether. Only do this if you have confirmed the speakers are dead, try them on another system or some other device with an audio jack. If they still work, then perhaps the onboard audio has been disabled in BIOS.
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