Audio video issue need tech savvy help

By daniel90806
Apr 29, 2009
  1. hi
    i have a HP laptop dv8000 a couple of weeks ago i started getting a choppy sound on my audio and video, i mean really - anything having to do with audio and video. streaming or right off the harddrive or cd, i mean evertthing including Voip. iive tried everything i can think of, it does it as soon as my CPU usage gets to about 25% or high. i reinstalled drivers, codec, defrags, virus scan, checkdisk, everything 2 or 3 times each. i was thinking it is the sound card device but it says it is working properly. i was thinking maybe it has to do with my processor being off speed or something like that because i havnt had anyproblem in a year now just nothing but hell with it. please let me know if anyone has any other ideas or solutions, its driving me crazy i need my sound to work poroperly for the work i do.

    Much Success
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