Autonomous passenger drone service set to take off in Dubai this year


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We first saw Chinese manufacturer Ehang's amazing human-transporting drone at last year’s CES. While this sort of futuristic technology can often take years to reach consumers, anyone wishing to take a trip in the autonomous, flying taxi might be able to do so this year – providing they’re willing to travel to Dubai.

The head of Dubai's Roads & Transportation Agency, Mattar al-Tayer, announced the plans during the ongoing World Government Summit. "This is not only a model," he said. "We have actually experimented with this vehicle flying in Dubai's skies."

The Ehang 184 drone, named after its ability to carry one passenger, the eight propellers, and its four arms, is an all-electric machine that generates 142 horsepower and can fly for about 30 miles on a single charge with a cruising speed of 62 mph.

The drone can carry one person weighing up to 220 pounds, along with a single suitcase. For Dubai’s proposed service, passengers just need to hop in and choose from a list of predetermined destinations on the touchscreen. The drone would then be piloted and monitored from a remote command center.

Following its CES debut, the drone was tested in Nevada last year. Trips in Dubai are expected to begin in July. The country’s Road and Transport Agency said the Ehang 184 "had been examined by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and was controlled through 4G mobile internet."

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Emir of Dubai said he wants 25 percent of all trips in Dubai to be made by driverless vehicles by 2030.

It’s unclear when the drone taxi might make it to the US, as it has to be given the okay by the Federal Aviation Authority before being allowed to transport passengers. But perhaps one day it’ll become the best way to avoid traffic congestion while offering some great views.

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It looks impressive & expensive. Doubtful it will ever replace the building hops in NYC, especially with some of those nasty crosswinds they have. Also looks like it will be a bit too expensive for the everyday person and with only a single passenger load capability, not very practical for a lot of business ventures .... but still, it's cool and on the bleeding edge ....... let's wait for the first accident reports to see if it will survive.


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220 lbs means nothing to me, I had to open Google converter to get the weight in Kgs which is about 100. Yeah, I like this idea but rest assured, there'll be a massive outcry when the first one falls out of the sky killing the passenger but these things will happen, eventually it won't be called a tragedy, just a statistic and people will get used to it, just like they don't pay much attention to the number of annual road deaths anymore.
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