Backup Hard Drive not found

By GodsShadow31
May 8, 2008
  1. I have 3 Hard Drives, 2-250GB's and 1 500Gb, the 500GB is to backup the first two but after i unplugged it to install a new video card it has not been showing up on my computer anywhere. It does not show up in Disk Management, My Computer, or BIOS...I have formatted it and everything, it was once working properly and completely fine, it has all my files still on it..And yes, it is hooked up physically...I'm not an expert on the subject and am hoping for an obvious solution that my novice mind did not think of, so any advice, i will take..thank you!
  2. poertner_1274

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    Do you think you bumped the connector? I would suggest turning the PC off and unplugging the power from the mains. Then unplug the power connector and ide/sata cable to the drive, and then replug them in again. Maybe something got bumped.

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  3. mailpup

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    Don't forget to check the other end of the data cable, the one connected to the motherboard. It could have pulled loose when you removed the other end from the hard drive.
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