Battlefield 2 Special Forces wont run

By Stealth_24
Mar 12, 2006
  1. hey can some1 help me :( i just installed bf2 special forces on my computer... my system requirements are up to date and everything.... ive installed battlefield 2 aswell.... but when i autoplay the DVD-ROM and start BF2 SF the screen blacks out as if its about to start but then it goes back to the desktop without a trace of the game i dont know wats happening some1 help?
  2. DeathWissssh

    DeathWissssh TS Rookie

    Well, Maybe you need to install it again, Or you need to update your Video Drivers? It also can be your Direct X 9.0! DId you aloud the Direct x to install when you did it with BF2? Always sat yes for BF2.
  3. Stealth_24

    Stealth_24 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanx i got it working :D just had a problem with the Radeon drives werent updated ;) thanx for the help anyways
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