Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC beta delayed, new features revealed

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According to a blog post by producer Gordon Van ****, DICE has delayed the PC beta for its upcoming military FPS, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. "With the huge success of the PS3 beta we decided to drastically increase the PC beta's capacity to insure as many people as possible could participate," Van **** said. On the bright side, that additional time will allow the developers to further polish the game, making it that much sweeter when it finally arrives. DICE now intends to release the PC beta "very early next year."

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:) I can honestly say I was waiting to see a comment like that. I haven't played either game. Would you mind sharing what you found to be better about BFBC2, UglyChild (or anyone else who has played both)?


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sweeet. another game to add on my must-get list. i personally prefer playing FPS on pc anyways. The mouse has always felt more natural to me than a gamepad... but that's just my humble opinion.


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The first one looked quite interessting, but i refuse to buy a console when i have a well equipped PC. I never read or heard why the first one wasn't ported to the PC, it's not like FPS play sooooo much better on with a controller...

Well, good choice to bring the 2nd part to the PC, i think i'll give it a try.


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I like BFBC the first time, I am excited to see what it brings this time around.

If it can capture the quality game play of Battlefield 2 that would be awesome. I am not a big fan of MW2, it just seems like a reskinned MW1. The maps are so so, and some of the weapons and perks are just really off of the wall. Heartbeat Sensors? Dual p90s? Nukes? C'mon.


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hello ...

i really want this game too, i still don't know if i'll get i on PC or Console, maybe both ;)



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wow look its what MW2 was supposed to be lol. it looks awesome and i cant wait to play it.


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Matthew said:
:) I can honestly say I was waiting to see a comment like that. I haven't played either game. Would you mind sharing what you found to be better about BFBC2, UglyChild (or anyone else who has played both)?
Huge maps and vehicles that you can drive.

Game play require tactics and strategy, instead of fast finger and spray & pray.


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I haven't played this game, but it looks very nice, and i'm pretty sure that the graphics and the controls will be better than those of the console, It almost always happens in thet way, well of course as long as you have a capable PC, I think that I will sign up for the beta if i had the chance :)


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Delays seem to be getting to a point of standardization in the gaming industry... sad really.
can't wait till the game finish polished. from the screenshot the game has an amazing graphic,soooo real,amazing,
n i think this's the second game support dx 11 after dirt 2.


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I'll be looking forward to this. I played BF1942 (Mainly Desert Combat mod) and BF2 for quite a while. Hopefully they fix many of the flops those games eventually succumb to... such as terrible ability to admin the games.


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Wow this looks great! This is what MW2 should have included for the PC. I cannot wait to play the beta of this game when it becomes available for the PC. MW2 had the opportunity to include all these features and make it an amazing game but they missed it! This game looks awesome!!!!!!


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Im glad to see DICE dose not make console ports to pc , like infinty ward , who was too lazy to polish their game for their biggest support base the pc community . I have been a big fan of battelfield all my gamer days and this will be a must buy because it has all the things i was waiting from MW2 , i mean come on a PC FPS needs 32 player servers for MAX madness team deathmatches :D not 12 people IWcrap controled servers where 50 % you loose a game do to hackers or 3 man partys who leave mid game(its really annoying playing Search and Destroy 3 vs 6 =/ )


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If that is a real in-game screenshot, this game looks amazing! I'm guessing it's no DirectX 11 only, so does anyone know what improvements the DirectX 11 mode brings to the game? Is it only the lighting and shadows, or do they use the new DirectCompute feature of DirectX 11 for stuff like physics?


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I have to admit that if that screenshot is in-game then it is going to look sweet! I also ask for the same info as fref, what does the DX11 mode bring extra?


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I am SO very happy to see that MW2 is not influencing other developers when bringing features to the PC for their games.

MW2's "enhanced PC features" list:
- Mouse!
- Keyboard!
- Console Pricing! (even though the Dev doesn't have to pay extra money to make it for the PC like they do for consoles)

Thank you DICE for remembering why we game on the PC in the first place :)


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Hrm, the edit from the board didn't reflect on the page.

Straight from the dev:
Moriarte: Ignoring, is the PC version a direct port of the console version?
Mackey-IW: No, PC has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings.
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