Be aware of Seagate return policy

By Broni
Oct 2, 2015
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  1. Last April I bought brand new Seagate hard drive at Best Buy.

    5 months later the drive died on me.

    I called Seagate and they emailed me return label but to my shocking surprise they said I have to pay for shipping!

    They made faulty device which crashed within 2 years of warranty and I have to participate in cost or replacing it?

    I consider it as absolutely unacceptable.

    They should be very apologetic and they should do everything to keep their customers happy.

    It's not about few bucks for shipping. It's about principles.

    Ultimately after contacting a supervisor, as an exception (as they stated), they provided me with free shipping label.

    The add insult to injury the guy I was speaking to wasn't too nice and he was acting like he was doing me a big favor by providing me with a free shipping.

    For all those reasons that was the very last Seagate product I've ever bought.
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