Best battery (485041-003) for HP G70 Laptop


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I have been trying to find a replacement battery for my HP G70 laptop. On the old battery it says to replace with battery 485041-003 but there doesn't seem to be any HP batteries and the names on the batteries and, indeed, the companies who are selling them, are companies that I have never heard of. I have looked at the reviews for most of them and there are mixed renews but a lot saying the batteries do not last as long as the old one. Given that anyone can set up a ficticious company and call it, which company in the UK do you recommend?



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Yep, pricing can be all over. Not sure how old your laptop is and how long you plan on keeping it. If you can find a vendors w/ good review either on Amazon or elsewhere, go w/ it. Otherwise, battery from an authorized dealer might give you peace of mind.