Best brand of RAM to buy?

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Aug 3, 2007
  1. I am shopping for PC3200 DDR1 ram. My problem is, there are so many results I don't know enough about ram to know which is the best brand choice. Could anyone who knows ram check the following list?

    Also, I heard that having too much ram is bad enough as too little because there is too much room for the pc to navigate its memory within. If I have 1.5 GB as opposed to just one, will that cause any problems?

    So, out of these results, what brand would be the best to buy?
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    That Crucial looks like the deal. I'd get two of them. Some older motherboards may have problems with that much memory.

    1.5gb may not work in dual channel, but not knowing a thing about your computer or how you use it it's very hard to recommend anything.
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    The memory issue (as usual) is interesting. I'm assuming that this is a dual channel capable board when I make this statement. The only way to have the memory running in dual channel mode with 1.5 GB installed, would be 2X 256 MB DIMMs and 2X 512 MB DIMMs. This is with a 4 RAM socket board. With a 2 socket board it can't be done.
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