Best Card for 1GB RAM PC

By Deadcell
Dec 5, 2007
  1. Hey Guys I'm looking around and i realize to run a descend vid card for my Dell Dimension 4700 im gonna need a better PSU (Like 40$ better - Expensive b/c Dimension 4700 only takes BTX PSU's) so my plan to get an extra gig was canceled. I'm thinking somewhere on the low-GeForce 7 series or high ATI Radeon 1k series. Can an ATI card above X1550 run with only 1GB RAM (A 512 MB card)? Can a NVidia 7600GT run on that? Would i be better off with a 7300? Or just a X1550? My board has 1 PCI-e x16, 1 PCI-e x1, and 1 or 2 PCI slots. Not too shabby for casual gaming. (I don't need latest games, just something that can run DX 9.0c)

    Any GPU suggestions would be much apprichated. I'll try to answer any questions a.s.a.p. Thanks to all who reply!
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    I just 'googled' your Dell 4700. As far as the PSU goes...I have no idea what you mean by ...'BTX, PSU's'. What are those? I did find out that your PSU is a 305 watt output unit. Considering that it's a Dell I would put it a little below that. So yes...get a better PSU. When you pick out your Nvidia GPU, get a PSU that has enough power to supply it...(plus extra just because). I'm serious. You can't have enough power. What card? Well you haven't told us what your CPU capacity is. From what I've read I guess it's a 2.8 or 3.0 P-4 w/800 FSB and HT. You are really in need of help. Get 2 gigs of ram going. Your machine runs PC-3200 ram. Yes..get a 7600 GT or better. I hope that I've answered most of your questions. It's hard when I have to look up everything for you! Good Luck. Don't think in terms of 1 GIG of ram ever again.
  3. BTX is the form factor of the case. there's standard ATX, mid ATX, Micro ATX, BTX, and all kinds of others form factors. so thats what he means by that.

    if you're going to get a gpu and insist on nvidia, get the 7900gs. it's the best of the 7 series, and it's relatively inexpensive in comparison to most.

    BUT, if you'd like a little extra bang, the 3850 256mb from ATI Radeon is the best in that price range. that card can run almost any game such as bioshock with decent settings turned on. and i've seen it for about the same price as the 7900gs or even the x1950pro 512mb on newegg. about 180 bucks. i'd snag one of those.

    as for the PSU, i've never dipped my feet into the BTX form factor pool just yet. so i won't be of much help there.

    otherwise, i agree. get 2 gigs of RAM going, and if i were you, i'd buy the x1950pro. that'd be your best bet in terms of performance and keeping it in the budget.
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    Incorrect info (again)
    Dell 305w psu has 22amps


    cards you can run with your current psu
    7600GT up to 7950GT

    Do get another 1GB ram though
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