Best DIY friendly building and hosting site

Need to do a web site for my business. I am paying someone to do it for me but I want to be able to do small changes and upload pictures and documents myself. What is the most user friendly building and hosting web site(Squarespace, weebly, wix, shopify, etc.) ? I only need the site so my business looks more professional and to display pictures of my work.


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First your problem:
want your business to look more professional
that's the problem. A visual communication problem

Avoid ready templates, web "designers" or marketers. Graphics designers are professionals dedicated to visual communication and to communicate visual messages, (and is not easy).

Actually you need an experienced graphic designer who knows to code html/css.

Also, the backend (easy site) its a design decision and as such its something that your designer should customized especially for your needs.
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I run a IT business and I recommend Squarespace all the time to my customers and I have never regretted it. It's template driven and hosting all in one package and you won't get an extra bill for using too much bandwidth if your website gets popular all of the sudden. I never found the time to do a website myself so I hired someone to do it for me but it was really affordable. The part you need to do is to think real hard on what you want to say. There is going to be a lot of stuff to write and oh yes the pictures and look of it. Video is really hot too, so it's up to you how fancy you want to get. =)


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If you are married to the designer that won't flex than I don't see anyway this is going to be good for you since you will have to learn how to do Wordpress too. I think that is why they do they can make money off every little change you want to make. Consider a new designer?
I would rather stick with him since he knows my industry and can properly put the needed info. I just have to find a hosting site that uses WordPress and is DIY friendly as well.