Best password protecting software?

By N-Guy
Jun 18, 2006
  1. Yup I know, you can just use the WinXP sharing folder function - but that means you must use the XP login password right? Yeah I don't want to use that.

    What's the best one available even if I have to buy? I'm planning to use it on my Notebook while I'm on a public network. Of course I'm assuming the password function would work over network too, right?

    All help is very much appreciated ^^
  2. Ididmyc600

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    I read your post twice and I still don't get what you want,

    If you just log straight into windows without a password then all your files are still protected on the network unless they are in the shared folder, this is default on all XP's, as in 2K and NT

    Nothing is shared unless you set it as shared and anyone trying to connect over the network must know your login name at the least.

    Thing I dont get is this, you have an Item that easy to steal and you have no security on it at all, If someone gets hold of my laptop they have to get past the admin password, the Hard drive password and then the password to get into XP.
  3. N-Guy

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    Oh sorry, I should've been more detailed. Here's what I want to do, I want to set a folder on the shared network but it has to be passworded - so if someone tried to access it, they can't without the PW. The reason behind this is so when I'm connected at a public place w/ friends, they can invade that folder whenever they please.

    I also want to protect some folders on my PC when my friends go on ;).
    They tend to invade through everything.
  4. Samstoned

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    and you can package and share with small client
    uses a very good engine
    be aware you lose password you can not get your data there is no software that will break the password if done right
    I have been using for 2 yrs now
    there is no support that I know of if you got problems your on your on
    I was using V7 and had issues had to fig out for my self
    8 is way better
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