Best power supply

By Slash_Kiron
May 24, 2007
  1. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Booster Posts: 575

    If you are not going to go SLI then you might want to consider the 400Watt FSP power supply. Much better brand than the ones you have listed. You can check it out HERE.
  2. Slash_Kiron

    Slash_Kiron TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Are you sure 400watts would be enough? I was planning on going with a nvidia 7900gs graphics card with requires a minimum of 400 watts. Also, what is the difference between 20+4 and 24?
  3. Tedster

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    A PSU is perhaps one of the MOST important components in your system. DO NOT skimp on this. Read the reviews on sites like TOM's hardware. Prices and brand names have NO bearing WHATSOEVER on quality.

    Ensure you read all torture test articles. quality varies greatly, however, cheap no-name brands are notorious for high failure rates which in turn can damage other components.

    In general use a PSU caluculator (google it) and add 30% for cushion as a baseline.
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