BFG Geforce 6200 OC (PCI) Problem

By Edwin Phate
Feb 8, 2008
  1. Bfg GeForce 6200 Oc 256mb Pci card w/fan

    I'll be playin guildwars lets say and I alt+tab(or hit windows key) and ill do this back and forth to look things up sometimes The computer will freeze momentarily then it will give me a blue screen with some crazy error number on it. and something about dumping all the memory also i cant read all of it because it is cut off on the right.

    Ive contacted Bfg when I first bought the card and told me to update all my drivers and I had them all updated to the best of my knowledge.

    Recently Ive Reformatted my computer also ive used the Nvidia Driver tool which tells you the right one. Ive also used about 4 other drivers all of which yield the same result with a Fatal Error.

    On a side note it was a upgrade from a Ge force 5500Fx 128mb which i had no problems with at all.Only real noticeable upgrade was my brother could use 3d stuff on solid words better.

    Ive also recently Installed a Pci Soundcard. Ive heard this can seriously degrade performance. Well Thx in advance.

    Ive got the error with file Nv4_disp and it says its gotten stuck on a infinite loop.
  2. Edwin Phate

    Edwin Phate TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 140

    So anyone ever have this problem i did put new info.
  3. sqrach

    sqrach TS Rookie

    me too

    I realize this is about a year late

    maybe you found a solution?

    It's kind of strange because anything to do with it causes it to crash the computer.
    trying to reinstall it or update drivers and most things online that are opened

    I'm going to try and disable it, use my old one and hopefully I can uninstall everything and start again
    Mine was not stable (had some minor issues) but seemed to have been really affected after just added more RAM

    before hand if I tried to go into standby it would crash and restart
    the other odd thing is going to view system information there was a few small black lines over the windows logo. Not sure but after it got bad I noticed even more of them on the install wizard thing. Also, on pogo which would now cause it to crash because of Java, it would have that same line but longer over the corner. It has something to do with it.

    It's bad and good to know somebody else had this infinite loop nonsense.
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