Big Video card compatiblity question + power question

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Ok so, I've got a Dell Dimension 3000, 2.8GHz Pentium 4, 512mb ram.

Im doing an upgrade due to my lack of a video card and sufficient ram for games. *I'm upgrading strictly for gaming*
I'm adding ram, going to have a total of 2gigs. Did it on crucial and it should work fine.
Now as many of you already know the Dimension 3000 only has PCI video card slots. So, I did some research and found the best possible card for my mobo. (At least I think) The x1550:
And just recently I saw this:
But can't find it anywhere in stores, could someone show me where that is available? To my knowledge that would be better than the x1550, right?
Also, what kind of Shaders and Vertex shaders do these have?

Well assuming I'm getting the x1550 how do I determine if the video card is compatible with my monitor? *This is my main concern*

Another question, again assuming I'm getting the x1550, I see the recommended PSU is 420W. Now, my original dell PSU is a 250W. So I'm convinced theres no way I'll be running this card without a PSU upgrade. I went to pcpower cooling's site, went to the compatible PSU's for my dimension 3000 and found this:

I've read about alot of PSU's falsely stating the wattage due to some rubbish about the ampage on the 12v rail or something, can someone notify me if this is a legit card for my system? *edit: I noticed the specs for the PSU say it comes with a PCI-E connecter, does that mean it wont connect to my PCI slot??*
Also do I absolutely need the PSU upgrade or should I get the video card and see if it will run without it first? Thanks to whoever reads this and can answer my questions.


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I am also using Dell Dimension 3000, and I upgraded all Video Card, RAM and PSU already, so I think I can help you a little bit here.

First, which games do you want to play? Because if you want to play newest games, then I'm sorry, you will have to buy a whole new computer. X1550 and 2gb of DDR RAM won't help you anymore.

Second, as far as I know, X1550 is the best for PCI now, but X1300 is really slightly behind. Many people believe they are the same. You can easily buy X1300 from newegg. You bought mine with $20.00 cheaper from eBay, but I guess money is not really your problem anyway.

Third, I have used X1300 and FX5500 and didn't see any problem with Dell Monitor at all. The only thing you need to be careful if you decide to buy X1300 is that there are two kind of X1300. Don't buy the Small Factor version because it is made for special kind of computer, and it won't fit into your case. The one you should buy look like this:

Fourth, even though many people suggest that we should only use Dell PSU because the other PSU won't fit into the case, I am actually using this one of Antec:
It fits perfectly.
And yes, PSU upgrade is a good idea. I believe my system is working very well, so you should have at least 350W PSU. DON'T buy cheap PSU.

Fifth, you may knew already since you've used cruical website to figure out. However, just keep in mind you need to buy DDR RAM, not DDR2. This is another bad news, because DDR RAM is way more expensive than DDR2.

Last but not least, you said: "I'm upgrading strictly for gaming", so I highly recommend you to buy a new computer. You're going to upgrade PCI video card, DDR RAM and PSU, and if you just spend couple of hundreds more dollars, then you will own a much better computer.

Anyway, I love my Dell Dimension 3000 and have been living happily with it. I can play games like Counter-strike, Lord of Rings, or Neverwinter Night.... easily. I also have only 1GB of RAM: . So you won't make a wrong choice either way.
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