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BIOS / Posting issues with ASUS M2R32-MVP

By Beelzebub_can
Nov 5, 2007
  1. Hi

    I thought I'd throw this to the floor as I have got nowhere with ASUS support so far as i have sent them an email and was on hold for ages.

    This morning I woke up to find my PC off, which is strange as I always leave it on through the night as I download alot. Up on pressing the power button to turn it back on, the lights came on and then the PC powered off within 2 secs.

    I reset the CMOS as I was running it hard, at 3.3GHZ, FSB275 *12, v1.475- memory was running at 1100 on 2.35v (all within EVP and what i consider safe temp limits as its been OC'd for over a month with no issues). It powered back up which was a relief as i thought hardware could have been the issue. But it said 'overclocking failed' straight after the CMOS reset??!!, and the display stated I should either select F1 to 'enter setup' or 'F2 to load defaults'.

    I selected F2 - and windows boots successfully. it also restarts and powers straight back up. (heck i am using it now to write this post using the default config). However when I restart and enter the BIOS to build back up the OC profile, every attempt fails and the BIOS fails to post. Even when i go in and only commit a single change such as disable 'full screen boot' but it still doesn't post.

    I have double checked the hardware, and checked the asus websites for an answer but there seems to be nothing that helps me.

    i think some of you will be saying hardware or motherboard. I though that but this is not the first time its happenned. the first time i gave up and returned it to the retailer as the MB was a week old, but they returned it to me saying there was nothing wrong!! Very Dubious of their answer I put back in exactly the same hardware and the bios miraculously saved and it posted from that i managed to get this awesome overclock which i have been running for month, before it happenned again last night.. Unfortunately i cannot get hold of the person that tested it so the retailer can't help.

    Am I missing something???? Have done power resets with no power lead in the PSU and the power button held down for 10 secs. This does nothing but reset back to defaults. Done CMOS resets, plus rotated the DIMMS about in slots 1 to 4. Flash the CMOS to the latest version, but nothing.. .

    Can anyone help me??
  2. technicalfury42

    technicalfury42 Banned Posts: 62

    So, in short, you're saying any deviation from "setup defaults" in the BIOS, means that it won't post?
  3. Beelzebub_can

    Beelzebub_can TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yep. totally that... Completely baffled about it..
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