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Mar 8, 2007
  1. Hi I´m new here so this is my first thread, I´m from Denmark so please bear with me..
    Today I updated my bios with asus update (motherboard : ASUS A8N-SLI deluxe) to revision 1016 with chipset NF-CK804. But now I get a message when I restart my pc, saing that the fan speed is to low. And when I enter comp.adm. in controlpanel there´s a yellow ? in front of PnP BIOS Extension. Can anyone please tell me what I can do about that. I off course tried to reinstall driver but my pc can´t find any. Also there is two huge yellow ? in front of "others units - Network controllers" ? I never experienced this before, but then again I don´t know anything about BIOS.
    Any help will be greatly apriciated. Do I need a new driver for the chipset ? I can´t find any on ASUS´s website

    Regards ds100
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Inside the Event Viewer (Where you recieve those warnings) please post the EVENT ID, SOURCE, and DESCRIPTION of the events. As far as your CPU fan, the bios might be looking for something faster due to better technology when they released the update. Check your PC health in the BIOS and check the RPM of the fan and CPU temp.
  3. ds100

    ds100 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cpu fan

    I get the warning during startup, and I just press ctrl F4 to move on and averything starts and works normaly. According to PC probe (asus) CPU FAN is 4019 and ok. CPU temp is 54 c og MB temp is 36 c. I have shut off chipset fan and chassis fan because they number 0. But I never experienced problems before I updated bios.
  4. ds100

    ds100 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    The problem is that I don´t know how to check my PC health in the bios. in that erea I´m an imbicil.....sorry, I woulden´t know what to look for and what to change. By the way I never overclock, if that means anything to you.
    Thanks so far.

    Regards Ds100
  5. gavinseabrook

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    Well you went to the right place, Your CPU Fan and your temp should be fine. That is the norm temp for a cpu (at least with mine without playing games). And since you performed a BIOS update, you should be fine since you seem to know the specs. In the event viewer can you tell me what warning your getting IE: Event ID and SOURCE.
  6. ds100

    ds100 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I´m sorry but I don´t know where to look for event id and source. And I don´t know what IE means.....I´m from Denmark so my English is a little rusty
  7. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    The Event viewer is in Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer. There should be an option on the left hand side that says "System". Click on that and look for errors. BTW IE mean In Example
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