Black Out during game play

By melo_emo
Apr 1, 2002
  1. Help Me PLease !!!

    hi all .. i'm a newbie here.. i have a problem with my computer, when i was try to play fps game eg. Counter-Strike, RTCW or Op Flashpoint in win 2k pro or Xp i have encountered a problem which got me a blank picture of the monitor it just like the monitor is set to off or got the standby mode, why this could be happen ?? but when i tried in win 9x i've got no problem at all, it seems they run perfectly but only in win 2k and Xp .... please help me .. is my video card or my monitor could be the problem ?

    my comp. specs : Duron morgan 1Ghz, 256 Sdram, 20 Gb hard drive, Leadtek Winfast geforce 2 Mx 400 64 Mb with 350 watt PS
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    So, you have a GeForce card and NT5 OS. Most likely you'll need to set your monitor's refresh rates with NVReffix. The monitor turns itself off/standby to prevent damage caused by wrong refresh rates.
  3. erwin1978

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    My guess is your video card is the culprit; it might not like your games.

    I have an OEM Geforce 256 DDR card and all the eidos demo games I've tried, my monitor would simply go to standby mode and I would have to restart my PC.
  4. Vehementi

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    Can you turn your monitor back on?

    What display driver are you using? (DirectX/OpenGL)

    Try turning off all of your power saving/screen saver settings. Also, as Mic stated, your refresh rates. Possibly, what's happening is that your OS is not detecting any activity in Windows and suspending your system to save power. Or, it could very well be just an incorrect setting in your display properties.

    I take it that it only does this in games...none during regular use in Windows? If it's a random problem your monitor power cable may be unplugged, video cable, or your video card is losing it's contact in the AGP slot.

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