Black Screen, Active Cursor

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Its not my computer so I can't tell what is in the computer and what is has. But it is a Windows XP media center audition 2005 um.. HPpavilion a151On... well actually I see a sticker on the computer. I think this is whats in it:

Processor amd athion 64 processors 3800+ with enchanced virus protection. memory 1024mb, graphics nvidia geforce 6150 LE, 200gb harddrive and opitcal drive: dvd+rw lightscribe, double layer 16x drive.

Okay so my computer was installing ccleaner but it froze so i turned it off. Well really it didn't freeze since i could move my mouse and a program i click close on closed like 3 minutes after. But anyways i turned it off with the power button in the front, then turn it back on. It gets to the green progress bar then goes black. It never gets to the welcome screen. It has an active cursor but I cant do anything! same thing with all the safe mode things (command prompt, networking and regular) even the start with settings before doesnt work! Still a black screen with active cursor. Only thing it permits me to do is a PC recovery but I don't want to, because I don't want to lose my files. What can I do? Do I have to take it to a computer shop?


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Do you see "VGA Mode" when you boot into Safe Mode? If you do, select it, and restart the computer
Same problem

I have virtually the same scenario, same OS but a Dell Insp E1405. Was not in the process of installing anything, but none of the apps were responding, and the restart command did not respond, so powered off with the button, but now just a cursor with black screen. The cursor moves, but that's it.

Here is what I have tried.
Safe mode
Safe mode command promp, VGA mode, debugging, logging, command prompt, and last known good.

Ran the Seagate disk check util with no errors, ran chkdsk from the repair console no errors.

Did the repair install from the Win disk, that seems to have taken, since the cursor is now the larger VGA type you get after a fresh install.

Any other ideas??



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That doesnt sound good.

You can fix the problem by doing a repair windows install. Put CD in and do a repair install, not to be confused with recovery console,, gl
I actually tried that already. Also went to the recovery console, but limited functionality from that command prompt. The repair install is what changed the curser look to VGA, but still only a black screen with the cursor.
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