Black screen using windows xp

By TecsoundVic
Oct 19, 2006
  1. hi, im new here, was googling for a good tech forum to post this in, this forum looks promising.

    i work for a company called tecsound, we manafacture 'Lane timers' for Mc donals and KFC etc.
    we've recently got a new batch of monitors which are displaying some strange characteristics.
    Our timers are basically laptop components (mobo, ram, with onboard everythign else) in a small mini atx case. theyre a 800mhz processor. and do the job well. but these new monitors, after we install XP, and then the drivers for lan, sound and the vga chip, the monitor is fine, but after the restart of the system, the monitor showws the 'windows loading' screen then goes black, and dosent come back on.
    now, this only started happening when we got in a batch of Benq FP71G 17" monitors.
    we found we can correct the problem by rolling back the driver in safe mode, and then pluging in a different brand monitor, it then loads a different default driver and then all screens work fine. but its very time consuming having to keep rolling back these drivers all the time, because we build 10-20+ a week. aside from all our other computer products. and theres only me doing it :(

    any knowledge or insite into this would be muchly appreciated.

    kind regards

    James B.

    Tecsound Victoria Pty Ltd
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  3. TecsoundVic

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    tryed this. to no avail. :(
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