BlackBerry might exit the handset business

Himanshu Arora

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Blackberry might sell its handset unit if the company continues to be in the red, CEO John Chen told Reuters yesterday. "If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business", he said, adding that...

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Exit, would be terrible decision Solution? Maybe down size the company, leave the consumer handset market, cater completely to DoD needs. Add additional security features + built-in CAC readers.
From Inside BlackBerry Follow up from John Chen Today!

Yesterday, Reuters published an article that said I would consider selling our Devices business. My comments were taken out of context.

I want to assure you that I have no intention of selling off or abandoning this business any time soon.‎ I know you still love your BlackBerry devices. I love them too and I know they created the foundation of this company. Our focus today is on finding a way to make this business profitable.

BlackBerry is not a handset-only company. We offer an end-to-end solution and devices are an important part of that equation. That’s why we’re complementing our Devices business with other revenue streams from enterprise services and software, to messaging. We’re also investing in emerging solutions such as Machine toMachine technologies that will help to power the backbone of the Internet of Things.

We will do everything in our power to continue to rebuild this business and deliver devices with the iconic keyboard and other features that you have come to expect from this brand.‎

Rest assured, we continue to fight. We have not given up and we are not leaving the Devices business.


I wonder why they did not target the privacy-oriented (formerly known as: paranoid) market segment... could have been relatively easy with their experience and infrastructure.


How about recruiting Greg Christie (iPhone interface creator) who has leave apple and then re-redesign the new blackberry handset instead?