Blank screen after memory frequency change

Hi folks,

In my bios settings I noticed that the RAM frequency didn't match the one advertised on the ram itself, so I changed it from Auto to 2666mhz. From then on, PC turns on, fans are running but screen is entirely black.

MB is Asus prime H310M-E /BR, memory is Crucial Ballistix 8 gb.

Removed RAM and CMOS battery
Bios reset through power button
Follow bios reset jumper method on my board documentation

Target frequency in bios was 2400, but RAM is 2666. Could I have fried my RAM by manually setting it to 2666?

Any help is appreciated,


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2400Mhz is the limit of the Intel CPU you have (I bet!) and that is why that is happening. Don't stress about it. The difference is pretty small in overall system performance.
Thanks for the reply. My CPU is i3 8100. I managed to solve the issue by removing the CMOS battery from the MB and wait 10 minutes.