Blue background (yod), popups for Totalpcprotection anti virus.

By matty3420
Oct 4, 2006
  1. I recently had an issue with a virus. Basically if I am correct it is called a "root kit". I had to disable my firewall to have access to certain websites (yahoo, myspace as examples) and the next day when I got onto my computer I had a blue background that gave me my ip address, type pf processor and warned me about a severe risk. I had pop-ups that had a yellow triangle with an ! in the middle. When I clicked it, a web screen appeared and wanted me to purchase totalpc virus protection software. I ran spybot, ad-aware, AVG, AntiVir and a couple others to try to eliminate the problem. When I ran Ad-aware I had about 120 virus' in my registry but it said it deleted but when run again they appear. It never could delete them. I tried to get into my registry to delete the files manually but my registry was locked and a pale color. I tried to change my background but it was locked out also. I had a lot of pictures and docs that I needed so I found an old hard drive. I hooked it up and the computer did not turn on. I gaev up for the night and brought the computer into work with me so I could get some technical help from my colleagues. After bringing the computer up again, Anti Vir which is free came up and had a possible virus. C:\Windows\System32\sumsw32.exe. I tried to delete this before but I could not. I deleted this and found that I was able to change my background and enter my registry. Very weird. I ran my Ad-Aware software and it did delete the 100+ registry entries that it had found previously. My system appears to be in working order and I do not have the issue with the pop-ups or the background changing.

    I recently found a thread on here which had another issue similar if not the same and thought this might help. Thanks.
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