Blue LED on Motherboard Stays on but Computer won't turn on

By Joshua Ankrum
Sep 13, 2017
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  1. My PC's motherboard just keeps the blue light on, but the PC itself will not... the blue light on is under the JBAT1 and I got a new motherboard but the new one the blue light doesn't come on... NEED LOTS OF HELP PLEASE!
    -Do I need a new power supply?
    -Should I just built another Computer?
    Note: Computer did work before this happened. | I did have a big storm and it turned off once this tree fell on power line outside my house and just kept that blur light on.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Locate your manual. If no manual, go to mobo manufacturer's website and download.

    Blue light probably means that you 'have power to the motherboard'. It may not be the right kind of power, the 'power good' signal is needed. This could be an issue with some component other than the mobo (PSU, CPU, CPU fan, etc, etc).

    After a catastrophic failure like yours, consider reviewing ALL of you system piece by piece. First, determine if you have a Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) or a rated surge suppressor - if so - and if in warranty - you may be able to make a claim under a 'guaranty' which many of these devices have. If not, do determine if they are functional or might need a new fuse or a reset. Confirm you have good power by trying another system on the circuit.

    If satisfied you have good power from the wall, it is time to take everything out of the case and to check it component by component. I do this by taking the mobo and using a known good PSU - the mobo should work (if it does not work, either it or something on it is broken and if it DOES work, then the problem is probably the PSU). The video below is pretty good at explaining what next. Let us know how you do.

  3. MaikuTech

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    Before I began helping you out, let me ask you somethings.
    If you knew you had a thunderstorm going on and you know the computer is plugged up.
    Why did you not shut down the machine for the time being and unplug it to prevent any damages ?
    Anytime you do that you're playing russian roulette with your system being fried completely or zapped.
    To a point where half of it will not function like it should or just not come back on at all.

    I suggest you unplug the psu from the computer, go by a computer store and ask them for psu you can test with.
    Bring it back home, unplug the video card and hdd/ssd/cd-dvd drives, plug the computer into a sure protector then power it on.
    If it kicks on immediately its a safe bet to assume your psu got fried, now if it does not come back on and you know the psu is working.
    Your last best bet is to go ahead and buy a new motherboard, cpu,ram and psu,
    You could have the computer store do a full test on your system to see whats wrong with it.
    If you damage your computer parts all vendors have a strict stance on replacing your parts as it is you're fault.

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