Blue screen after virus. Can't boot

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Sep 28, 2009
  1. I installed software that i donwloaded after which a red circle which an "x" in the centre began warning me that "windows was infected" it was then installing anti virus software under the windows name.

    I took off all the files I needed and stored them onto an external hardrive. I reformatted my laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400, windows xp SP2 media edition) After which it started ok but then after a couple of minutes virus came straight back. It happened while transfering back the files from the hardrive. Is there any way to save the files I have on the laptop that I can't boot now. A blue screen comes up saying that it is started a physical memory dump and lists errors. Any ideas on how to fix this problem while saving the files. The reformat will lose all my data. I tried to repair using the disc but thats what started the Blue screen coming up.
  2. Jawshh

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    try booting fro your windows cd. Then type chkdsk /r in recovery console
  3. almcneil

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    Sorry, but you have been nailed by the nastiest spyware program on the Internet! It's currently called PAV for Personal Anti-Virus and it's a PRICK to remove! it used to be called XP Anti-Virus and a few other names. They keep changing it and making it harder to remove and if you do, they re-install it on you through a backdoor somewhere. Whoever is making this spyware program sure knows how to frustrate people!

    Run Malwarebyes Anti-Malware on your local disk and on your backup storage. Let's hope it detect and remove it all.

    Repost with results.

    -- Andy
  4. Jawshh

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    He's not being able to boot.
  5. almcneil

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    Sorry, you are correct. I read how he reformatted and re-installed Windows but missed where he then wrote the re-infection killed that installation.

    Now that I read it correctly, he doesn't need to save his files. He did it already. Yes, the spyware is in that backup but if he backsup again, it will have the spyware too. he needs to run an AS scan on his external storage to remove that pesky spyware.

    -- Andy
  6. owensy8

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    Think I'm in the clear.

    I js gave up on the files I had copied over to the laptop after the first reformat and did it again and wiped everything. The virus did get transferred over to the external hardrive i had but my anti-virus found it and I think I'm ok. I should have had my stuff backed up from day one so it's my own fault but thanks for your help
  7. Jawshh

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