Blue screen of death 0x00000024

By vinchu
Nov 23, 2009
  1. Hello there. I'm kinda new to this so please be kind to me. Anyway, first of all I am a total newbie, not only here in the forums but also when it comes to fixing computer crashes etc. Anyway, I know there are many other questions like this but as I said, since I'm new to this, there are some things kinda difficult for me. My pc is windows xp home edition bios 1.0.3 it's about 1year and a half. I don't really use my memory so I'm sure that there's still 100gb or something..

    I was watching some videos in YouTube when my virus scanner suggested that I scan my computer. My virus scanner is Source Next Wheels Security Zero. It's in Japanese and my computer is in Japanese too. Anyway, after scanning, my pc automatically shutted down and when I tried to open it, it leads to the blue screen saying it has some problems and try to restart it again. I restarted it but it's still the same. So I searched in this forum on what to do, I first read the safe mode F8 to at least access windows so that I can try removing softwares etc. But after pressing F8 the black and white screen appears and I click safe mode, my screen turns blue again and this time there's a question mark on the upper left corner of the page. I tried all othe choices in safe mode but it's the same. Then I tried memtest or something wherein you burn the iso file in the cd. Anyway, I downloaded the newest version, extracted the file, got and .img and burned it in the cd. But when I tried to use it in my pc, in a black and white screen, it says nothing to boot. I'm pretty sure I burned it but I might have missed something.. Anyway my biggest problem is that I can't open windows at all.. I really hope someone can help me..
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    Never heard of it :confused: I probably would suggest not to use non popular Antivirus softwares.
    My pick is Free Avira Antivirus (which is a world leader)

    You can learn how to properly burn a Memtest ISO here >>

    Do you have any user data that requires backing up?
    If so, then please read this Topic:

    You may be best to install Windows clean, did your computer come with a Restore disc, or image on your drive?
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