Blue screen of death

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Mar 30, 2005
  1. I put this here cause I think it may be a RAM problem. For a few weeks now my pc has been randomly rebooting. I set it to give me the error prompt without rebooting so I could see what is wrong. It says the problem originates at
    0x805F3792 0x00000002 0x 00000000 0x805F3792

    I googled this and got no results. Anyone know what might be causing my random reboots, or where I can look up this error code?
  2. Nodsu

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    The bluescreen error codes are rather useless and the address of the faulting instruction is even more useless unless you are a debugging guru and have a memory dump at hand.

    Sometimes you are told the name of the faulting module and you an pinpoint a driver for example.

    Use a memory testing utility to test your RAM for errors.
  3. andygibbs

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    Use memtest - here

    download it, put it on a floppy and then restart your computer and boot from that floppy. Try to leave it going overnight or for at least a few hours.
  4. Ph30nIX

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    ahh yes, i have this problem also, except mine says something like BUG_USB_CODE not use why, but my modem is ALWAYS plugged into USB so i guess this could be part of the problem\?
  5. andygibbs

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    You can look up the error code on microsofts site. Search for the first set of numbers, those are the most important
  6. Ph30nIX

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    ok thanks, i'll write it down (if i remember to) next time it happens.
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