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Apr 19, 2008
  1. alrighty, so, a last week I turned the power off, turning off my computer, I don't do this often, but w/e....before that, I hadnt run any new programs or anything...

    then, the next day I tried to turn it on, and a black screen came up saying blah blah blah and told me to pick an option if it said the power went out start windows normally, I did, then after that, a blue error screen came up telling me there was an error and to delete any new programs or whatever, and although I didnt I couldnt get past that screen..till ever...what should I do?

    I can gve the exact error codes I have a dell dimension 3100 desktop, are there any backups or w/e I can use? I really dont care abot any of my new to this type of stuff lol, thanks...

    Any help means a lot to me, I know this is my only post but remember im a real person, so just dont close this thread or w/e if its in the wrong place move it, thanks again guys.
  2. Matthew

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    If you have the Windows CD that came with your Dell, run a repair installation or just reinstall Windows if you really don't care about the data on that partition.
  3. Bobbye

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    The information you receive is in direct proportion tot he information you give:

    "black screen came up saying blah blah blah..."
    " a blue error screen came up telling me there was an error.."
    " can gve the exact error codes..."
    "remember im a real person..."- so are we and we're not mind readers.

    Give us something to work with and maybe we can help.
  4. mdamz

    mdamz TS Rookie

    Helpppp meeee....!

    Sorry I've never posted here before, infact I just joined today,right now, to ask for help. So kinda sorry if I am intruding on a conversation but can you pleaseeee help me.
    I've got some random "snapshot" of blue screen appearing if I chose any of the safe mode, or nomal or etc choices when I start the laptop. And if I chose nothing and let some 29sec that it offers me to chose then laptop decides to restart again. I don't know what to do. My recovery CD don't work and my coverplans expired. And this Toshiba is giving me these problems. When I chose one option which suggests use the last settings on windows, it stops at drivers/agp440.sys and restarts! I don't know what to do. I've downloaded windows XP and gone on BIOS to put CD-ROM at top of list on BOOT menu and saved settings with CD in it. Restarted it and NOTHING! Same options again. Please help me....!
  5. Bobbye

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    mdamz , please start a new thread, giving your specific information and including as much as you can about the problem, giving any error information and messages. It sounds like you're experiencing random reboots and that is a different problem.
  6. mdamz

    mdamz TS Rookie

    Thanks. Will do. :approve:
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