Blue Screen upon startup

By Nammish
Nov 9, 2010
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  1. First, background on the laptop in question.

    I am using a Toshiba tablet laptop of the Tecra M-7, running Windows XP Tablet Edition, possibly Home, but I cannot be certain. This came on the computer, so I do not have a disc, and was told by Customer Service and Tech Support when I got the laptop two years ago that it would not be needed (as all the files are on the computer in the factory settings and I can apparently boot from them, so they said). The computer recently had a virus that we couldn't beat, so it was returned to factory settings in August of this year, It was brought back up to date completely, I made sure the BIOS and Service Packs were downloaded right, and preformed bi-weekly update checks and scanning.

    The problem.

    About four hours ago I shut the computer down. No errors screens, no manual button pressing. It turned off without a hitch and I left it alone for an hour and a half to about two hours. When I opened it back up and turned it on, it showed the Start-Up screen and after a short time for the loading bar, froze, flickered blue, and restarted. I have tried starting it in safe mode (all three types), the last settings that worked, and normally. All options yield the same results. The last time something similar happened, it was an issue with the BIOS not having been updated for three big upgrades, and while that could be the case, I doubt it, because I've been diligent in making sure everything's up to speed.

    No errors, no warnings, no previous blue screens of death ever since I returned it to factory settings in August. It froze once during an installion of MagicJack, but that was fixed and there hasn't been a single issue since. So what's going on?

    Any ideas?

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